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Facilities for Training, Research and Consultancy Services

The college is endowed with modern facilities for training of health professions, health systems research and consultancy services. The following facilities are available at the institution.


The NMTC library is well stocked with current medical books and journals, both print and online. All books, journals and other reading materials have been labeled, coded and entered into the KOHA library system manned by a professional librarian. Five (5) library computers with e-books have been installed and networked.

Skills Laboratory

The skills laboratory prepares students to interact with patients in a safe and controlled environment. It is equipped with high fidelity mannequins and simulators for a virtual patient care setting.


Clinical Placement Areas

The college has memoranda of understanding with two (2) teaching hospitals and five (5) health centres. Students are placed in these facilities and are guided  by mentors and Clinical Instructors to practice  care provision while gaining skills necessary for the current healthcare needs.  Thes facilities have been inspected by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) and the Clinical Officers Council of Kenya(COC)

  • Hospitals
  1. Nyahururu County Referral Hospital- 210 beds capacity
  2. J.M. Kariuki County Referral Hospital , Olkalou- 200 beds capacity
  3. Pope Benedict XVI Catholic Hospital, Nyahururu
  • Rural Health facilities
  1. Ndindika Health Centre, Kinamba- Laikipia County
  2. Ngarua Health Centre , Ngarua- Laikipia County
  3. Leshau Pondo Health Centre- Nyandarua County
  4. Baari Health Centre – Nyandarua County

School Health

Riverbank Schools with over 400 students in Kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, with an age range of 4 to 19 years.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory has been fully furnished to accommodate forty two (42) students. Students gain important skills in information technology under the tutorage of an IT professional. The facility provides students and researchers with access to e-books and e- journals. This complements the library.


Classrooms have been furnished with:

  • 40 lecture chairs with arm.
  • 3 LCD projectors with HDMI cables
  • 3 teaching laptops.
  • 2 white boards in each classroom.


Transport Facilities and Services

The college has transport facilities for the students; a bus with a capacity of thirty three (33) and a college driver. This is a partnership with Riverbank Schools to supplement the transport in times of need beyond the capacity of the college bus.

Student Accommodation

The college has hostels for both male and female students’ with a capacity of ninety     two (96) beds. The rooms have been furnished with beds, wardrobes, reading desks and chairs, and sockets and lighting system installed. Students have access to hot water for bathing and washing.

Students’ Catering Services

The college has a dining hall with a capacity of 120 students. The Kitchen is installed   with cookers with a capacity of cooking for 300 persons, cold storage, grain store and firefighting equipment. All the staff manning the kitchen are medically certified and vaccinated against typhoid.

Medical Clinic

The college has put up a medical clinic for staff, students and the neighbouring community. It is well resourced with necessary equipment and medical supplies. It is manned by a qualified and experienced Clinical Officer.

Counseling Room

There is a counseling room where students are counseled on academic and discipline matters, inter alia, in a private environment.

Student Recreational Facilities

The college has a playground for games and sports: – volley ball, football, handball and netball pitches as well as athletics. Indoor games and entertainment facilities are conducted in the spacious dining hall.

The school organizes field trips to local tourist sites from time to time.