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Clinical Medicine and Surgery

The training of Clinical Officers was started in Kenya in 1928 because of the need to provide health care to the greater population in Kenya. Since then, the Clinical Officers are among the cadres that form the backbone of the health care system in Kenya. They also provide health care services in Non-governmental and Faith-Based Organizations which provide a significant proportion of the health care delivery.

Prevention, promotion, curative and rehabilitative concepts in health care are the pillars of health delivery in the health sector today. These services call for a versatile all rounded healthcare provider. The clinical medicine program has these key services at the core of the training, making the graduate a reliable healthcare provider at all levels of healthcare in Kenya.

Description A Clinical Officer (CO) is a gazette health provider who is qualified and authorized to practice medicine. A Clinical Officer (CO) performs general and specialized duties such as diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury
Duration 3  years
Minimum educational qualifications Mean Grade: K.C.S.E score of C (Plain) and above)
  • English or Kiswahili C (plain )and above
  • Biology C (plain ) and   above
  • Mathematics or C- (minus ) and above
  • Physics or Chemistry  C- (minus ) and above
Intake September and April
  • Face to face
  • eLearning